Gold price ended yesterday’s trading below the level of 1860.00, to stop the suggested positive scenario yesterday, but it faced a strong support floor at 1845.00 that protects the price from incurring more losses, supported by the positivity of the stochastic indicator, to stand in front of a conflict between technical factors that makes us prefer to adhere to neutrality until we get A clearer indication of the next direction.

We point out that continuing the negative pressure and breaking the mentioned support will push the price to achieve an additional decrease and test the level of 1825.15 initially, while the breach of the resistance 1860.00 represents the key to resuming the bullish trend that targets the level of 1900.00 as a next major station.

The expected trading range for today is between the support 1835.00 and the resistance 1870.00.

The forecast trend for today: neutral.

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