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Frequently Asked Questions

Connect with Us - Your Gateway to Support and Information
Welcome to our Centfx Limited, where your questions, feedback, and inquiries find a direct route to our dedicated team.
We're here to ensure your experience with us is seamless, informative, and tailored to your needs.

This option is only for client. After complete your registration process if you need to change your name , just send us mail with your valid documenton support@centfx.com . Our support team will verify and change your name and give you feedback in mail

Not possible to change your registered email, but you can apply for a new account with a different email address.

To update your registered address, email CentFx at support@centfx.com with proof of residence (utility bill or bank statement) from your current address. The document should be in your name, state your new address, and be within the last six months. We'll handle the rest

There is no duration validity for demo account at CentFx. You can trade on demo account as much you wish.

Your MetaTrader 5 master password grants full access to your trading account. However, the investor (read-only) password offers limited access, allowing you to view trades but not place new ones. Choose wisely for your trading needs.

"To change your password manually, please do the following. Navigate to the trading platform's toolbar and click: Tools > Options > Server Tab > click Change Password and set the master/Investor password to your preference.
Easily manage your account by changing both Master and Investor Passwords. The Investor Password provides read-only access, ensuring secure visibility without trading capabilities. Simple control at your fingertips
Alternatively login to your Clients Portal and go to Trading Accounts > Accounts Summary > Click on the lock to reset password. Then enter your new password and retype new password. We advise promptly changing your default password upon receipt. If you lack the existing password, kindly contact CentFx Limited support at support@centfx.com with a written request from your registered email address."

To change your password manually, please do the following: First Login your Client portal > goto my profile >click Change password option > give your current password and set your new password > submit

" Documents As Per Required:
Proof of Identity (POI) :
1. Passport
2. Driving License
3. Government issued Photo ID
( Upload Both side )
Note :
1. Must show full name and Date of Birth
2. If the documents are in language other than English,
you will need to get them translated in English and notarized
3. Only .jpeg, .png, .jpg File types Allowed
4. Maximum Documents upload size: 16M
Proof of Address (POA) :
1. Bank or Credit Card Statement
2. Utility Bill(Electricity, Gas)
3. Government issued tax document/Citizen Certificate
1. Should not be older than 3 months
2. Full name and Residential Address should clearly visible
3. Only .jpeg, .png, .jpg File types Allowed
4. Maximum Documents upload size: 16M"

To apply for an additional account, log in to the Clients' Portal, navigate to the Trading Accounts tab, and choose 'Open New Trading Account.' If you've reached the maximum accounts, email us at support@centfx.com with the reason for the extra account. Ensure your first account is funded before applying First Login your Client portal > goto my profile >click Change password option > give your current password and set your new password > submit

CentFx offers swap-free options for all account types, catering to the needs of those of the Muslim Faith. To activate the Swap-Free facility, a minimum deposit of $500 is required. Experience trading with flexibility and in accordance with your beliefs.

CentFx do not accept US Client

At CentFx , We have four diffirent types of account.